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As the quality of life continues to improve, people’s requirements for fashion products such as shoes and bags are also getting higher and higher. Comfort and beauty are no longer everything, health and environmental protection have begun to attract people’s attention.

In this environment, various countries or regions around the world have successively issued environmental and safety regulations for shoes, bags and leather products, which have put forward strict requirements for toxic and harmful chemical substances in products and their raw materials. For example, the United States’ CPSIA “Consumer Product Safety Improvement”, California Bill 65, the EU’s REACH regulations, POPs standards, etc.

Testing Items and Time

Reach 7 working days
ISO17075 5 working days
ISO 14362 5 working days
CPSIA 3 working days
CA65 3 working days
DIN 5 working days
AATCC 5 working days
AATCC 5 working days
Product Range: Cloth shoes, rubber shoes, leather shoes, luggage, bags, etc

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