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  • Toy Testing

    Toy Testing

    We are Qualified & Professional. Toys are essential friends in life. It brings happiness to children and accompanies their growth. However, in recent years, toy safety issues

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  • Jewelry Testing

    Jewelry Testing

    We are Qualified & Professional. The exquisiteness of jewelry embellishes the beauty of life. In this era of sexual expression, all kinds of accessories are constantly emergin

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  • Textile and Clothing Testing

    Textile and Clothing Testing

    We are Qualified & Professional. HUAK Testing textile and apparel services have a global network of regulatory experts, rich product quality control experience, and recognitio

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  • Food Contact Material Testing

    Food Contact Material Testing

    We are Qualified & Professional. Food contact materials and products(short name FCM) refers to various materials and products that have or are expected to come into contact wi

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  • Electronic & Electrical Products Testing

    Electronic & Electrical Products Testing

    We are Qualified & Professional. With the progress of society, human beings’ requirements for the quality of life continue to increase. Each country has begun to regulat

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  • Footwear, Luggage & Leather Testing

    Footwear, Luggage & Leather Testing

    We are Qualified & Professional. As the quality of life continues to improve, people’s requirements for fashion products such as shoes and bags are also getting higher a

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  • Dangerous Goods Mechanical Testing(CE)

    Dangerous Goods Mechanical Testing(CE)

    We are Qualified & Professional. Hazardous machinery certification covers a wide range of high-risk equipment such as cranes, lifts, crushers, compressors, etc. Our certificat

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  • CPC Certificate

    CPC Certificate

    CPC Certificate Certificate Introduction The CPC certificate (Childs Products Certificate) is a necessary certificate for children’s products exported to the United States.

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