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As a comprehensive third-party laboratory, Zhejiang HUAK Testing Technology Co., Ltd. has passed ISO 17025 certification.

It is euipped with a professional technical team and advanced equipment which can help you obtain certifiates professionally and quickly. It is located in Shuangchuang, Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, covering area of 900 square meters.

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Short Testing Time

Generally, it is a 3-day test, and you can get the report and certificate within 5 ..

High cost performance

Affordable prices and high-quality services will make you worry-free..

Complete Qualification

We are an approved partner of Amazon, and we can also do..


Wide Range of Service

It covers all kinds of electronic and electrical products testing in daily life, in..

Many-to-one Service

Each project is paired with a corresponding service team, including sales..

Strategic Location

Adjacent to the Yiwu mall, we can pick up at any time.


How to apply for certificate?

I am a newbie, how should I start?

First provide detailed product information, then quote, next send samples, and finally test.

How long it will take for applying for certificate?

Generally, it takes 5~7 working days to get certificate.

What is the cost for certificate?

It depends on product and needs to provide specifications to understand clearly before quotation.

How long is the certificate valid?

It is usually 5 years. This depends on the update of the standard, and if the standard is not updated, the certificate will generally be valid.

Do you work with ILAC lab?

Yes, we are accredited in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025: 2017. It can be checked in the qualification section.